Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mailing List 

In our last meeting and  with calls from Holger for a mailing list we are delighted to say  have managed to establish a jiscmail mailing list as a point of exchange for  those interested in architecture  and interaction. 

Please invite anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest . 

I am going to sign you up to this using the name from the workshop mailing list. You should probably get an email seeking your permission to do this and if your willing then just click (to opt out do nothing). 
In case you want to change the email address your using then you can go to the main list at 


and change it. 

While it took a while for us  go through the JSIC vetting process it does mean we get space and a number of other facilities with the mailing list.

Disposition of workshop submissions

There was debate at CHI about where to put workshop papers and we left with a number of possibilities. The committee and I felt that the jiscmail server is a good location for the first workshop papers. Jiscmail is  on line and accessible in an academic  environment but reflects the tentative nature of the workshop. 

We are happy with the papers as they are and there was some very notable work. We are going to give an opportunity for you, the workshop participants to revise their submissions in light of the workshop and submit by 27th of July. If we don't here from you then we will just put up your final submission in the shared area of the  jisc list server. As always email me (n.dalton@open.ac.uk) your final PDF. Given the online nature of the system don't feel overly constrained to sticking rigidly to the 4 page CHI limit.

Changes to the committee 

Thinking is already happening for the next CHI workshop and the committee for Ar-CHI-tecture 2.0 is evolving. To that end I am happy to announce Holger Schandelbach has accepted our invitation to join the committee.

This should be the last email from me as I will be shifting these emails to the mailing list. 

thanks again for a great workshop. 

Nick Dalton and the committee.

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