Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some sample images

As part of the ice breaker we want everyone to send in an image we can show while the participants introduce them selves. 

I thought I would show a couple of  sample images to get the creative juices working.

This was an experiment I collaborated over with a Phd Student called Gonzalo Garcia-Perate. This was a pop up wine shop with an recommender system ( when you pick up a bottle of wine it colours the table to tell you 'people that chose this wine also chose'. I think it reminds me that the space in the shop (the configuration of tables) is a much an element of the interaction design as the digital elements themselves. Its also an effect of the experimental condition too, something we really don't understand. 

This is a geodetic dome build by Buckminsterfuller himself in the 1950s. Its quite evocative this highly futuristic dome now sitting rusting outside Mobile  Alabama. I like it because it reminds me that even the future can grow old. 

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