Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Workshop call for participation

Ar-CHI-tecture: Architecture and interaction
The rise of ubiquitous computing leads to a convergence between the areas of architectural design and HCI.

Human-computer interaction is a type of human-artefact interaction, and its research is characterized by analysing human behavior, cognitive processes and task structures. Buildings can also be understood as artefacts and people interact with them in numerous ways. We believe that the methodological toolbox of HCI researchers/practitioners can be valuable for understanding the challenges of designing buildings that meet users’ needs. Conversely, architectural knowledge is essential for HCI professionals and researchers designing interactive technologies for architectural settings. This workshop will bring together these communities to explore the benefits of archi­tecture envisioned as integral to an expanded CHI community and identify fundamental differences, similarities and synergies between design and research approaches that use architecture in different ways in HCI.

The workshop will be run in three sections. 

  • A mini-conference with CHI Madness style presentations;
  • A  facilitated group design challenge;
  • A discussion focusing on the question of how interaction design can transform architecture and vice versa?

Participants are welcomed from a range of disciplines including architecture, environmental psychology, computing, HCI, interaction and experience design, service design, digital arts and media, robotics, and cognitive science.

Participants should submit a 2-4-page position paper, related to the workshop issues, themes and goals to n.dalton@open.ac.uk by Monday 9th  January 2012. These will be peer reviewed by an interdisciplinary review committee. One author of each accepted paper will need to register for the workshop.


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